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Vinyl cutting plotter

We have the various variety of Vinyl Cutting Plotters

ARCSign Cx 16,24" Plotters

ARCSign D Series 24, 48"

The Skycut D Series 24″& 48″ cutting plotter is a very high power vinyl cutting machine made for some of the heaviest cutting jobs. The Dual head of the D24 Cutting machine makes it best for sample box making.


  • This Skycut D24 cutting plotter has an optional flat metal bed that can hold heavy media and make it flat.
  • Contour cutting happens with the help of a camera in the cutter plotter.
  • Make auto print and cut with fast speed for any colour material and marks like colour marks.
  • The dual heads of the plotter machine are a crease tool and a cutting tool. Both are independent of each other.
  • A Strong Metal body of the D24 makes it a monster cutting machine for vinyl and works with a grunt.
  • Vinyl cutting is made easy with the Huge 2000G Force.
  • The plotter printer cuts 3M diamond reflective film. That shows the power of the plotter cutting machine.

ARCSign V Series 24, 48 ,60"

  • The Skycut V24 is a professional series cutter with some amazing features.
  • With 2000 grams of cutting pressure on its cutting head, the V Series can cut through many thicker materials with ease.
  • The high-resolution camera allows for automatic contour cutting on more exotic materials.
  • High reflective surfaces, darker/lower contrast materials, transparencies and more.
  • Users also benefit from the ability to print the registration marks in any color. For example, if your printer is capable of printing white, you can print white registration marks on black or dark materials.
A3 Max Cutting Plotter

ARCSign A3 Max Plotter

Large touch screen menu
1.High sensitivity
2.Simple use, straightforward operation
3.With multi-languages
4.Powerful function like : repeat-repeat cut last job
Array-freely set to cut many lines and many columns, and free set distance between each copy.
USB cable(real USB, no need to install driver)
U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting)
Camera for auto contour cutting
Skycut patent feature-build in real camera for auto print & cut. High-accuracy, fast speed, and capable for any color materials and marks, like:
1.High reflective materials
2.Various color materials
3.Transparent materials
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ARCSIGN Machines

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